Pain at the tip of penis and burns while passing urine. could this be STD? - iip of penis burns


iip of penis burns

Burning sensation on tip of penis? grump123. Hi, six days ago i began to experience an irritaiton on the tip of my penis. I would mostly feel it when i brushed my finger across the tip or when my clothes rubbed against it while walking. Some added information. I had masturbated twice the day before with my girlfriend, dry with not lube, within.

About a week ago I started having a burning sensation at the head of[br>my penis and i constantly had the urge to urinate even 5 minutes after[br>I just finished urinating. This would go on constantly. I obviously[br>thought it was a Urinary Tract Infection and went to the doctor. They[br>did a urine test on me and gave me a 7 day dose of Cipro.

Hi the problem I have is that i sometimes have a very mild burning pain in the end on the inside of my penis after ejaculation or urinating - it's sort of the tip of penis burning.Its not always there but even then i kinda feel like something is wrong.