Blink-182 Recreate 'What's My Age Again? Video With Women - blink 182 nude video


blink 182 nude video

Oct 21, 2016 · More than 15 years ago, Blink 182 shocked with their video for “What’s My Age Again?” that featured the band running around naked. Now, they’ve updated the concept for a new video that.

Blink-182 have released a video for their new single She’s Out Of Her Mind – and it’s an up-to-date take on their promo for 1999 hit What’s My Age Again?. Rather than the band running through the streets naked as in the What’s My Age Again? clip, the video for She’s Out Of Her Mind stars nude Instagram models Lele Pons, Hannah Stocking and Vale Genta.

video has been recreated by a female trio for Blink's "She's Out of Her Mind" video. October 20, 2016. Picture Blink-182 in your head. Are they naked and running down the street? Sure they are.