- exercises on teen etiquette


exercises on teen etiquette

Teenagers are on the verge of blossoming into young adulthood and learning proper etiquette in matters such as table or phone manners will be beneficial as they grow. Simple and fun activities will show teens how to be polite, courteous and properly conduct themselves in real-life settings.

You probably wish you never had to feel like a bad recording ever again, but that's not the case. There are some activities and games you can do with your children that will make learning proper etiquette more fun. You might even be surprised to see them teaching these things to .

Taking Perspectives on Cyberbullying Students in grades 9-12 explore a scenario in which a teen girl creates a hate website about another girl and then take the perspectives of different characters and brainstorm alternative decisions each character could have made. Activities. The Good Behavior Game Manual (PDF, 122 KB, 38 pgs.).