Suicide Prevention Communication Checklist - suicidal assessment checklist for adults


Screening Tools / SAMHSA-HRSA suicidal assessment checklist for adults

The M3 Checklist provides an individualized patient assessment geared toward early detection, co-morbid illness, and identifying people in distress irrespective of their particular diagnosis. It consists of 27 questions and the evidence-based web and mobile screening assessment can .

In order to make the C-SSRS Risk Assessment available to all Lifeline centers, the Lifeline collaborated with Kelly Posner, Ph.D., Director at the Center for Suicide Risk Assessment at Columbia University/New York State Psychiatric Institute to slightly adjust the first checklist page to meet the Lifeline’s Risk Assessment Standards.

Revised 9/10/2013 OCCAP Communication Checklist Page 1 of 10 Suicide Prevention in Youth and Young Adults Communicating With Families Saves Lives A Checklist for Health Providers and Mental Health Practitioners assessment protocol, please see page 8 of this document.