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For more information about having MMDG provide dance classes for Adults who have physical and/or intellectual disabilities, contact: Alex Cook, Community Programs Director at [email protected] MMDG proudly partners with the following organizations to provide special dance programming for children: City Access New York.

Running a special needs dance class is similar to any other dance class with only a few slight differences. We start with an uncomplicated series of stretches, warming up our head and arms, then sitting down in a straddle to reach for one side, then the other, to the middle, and then a pike stretch with pointed feet and flexed feet, and we finish with a butterfly stretch.Author: Guest Contributors.

Dance Abilities is a great way for children and adults with special needs to get involved in an extracurricular activity while improving motor skills, confidence, and socialization. Dance can also be a unique and effective way to reach students with special needs because it is nonverbal.