Medicare Coverage of Adult Diapers - medicaid coverage of adult incontinence products


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Medicaid Eligibility: The first step to using Medicaid for incontinence products is understanding Medicaid eligibility. In order for an individual or family to obtain Medicaid coverage, they must meet the requirements established by the state government. Each state has its own eligibility requirements, but there are some qualifications that apply to all Medicaid plans.

Incontinence supplies coverage and adult diapers are not available through Medicare. Get info on what is covered through your plan on

Home Delivery of Incontinence Supplies for Medicaid Recipients. If you or someone you care for has Medicaid benefits and is in need of medical supplies, let HDIS help! Follow these three easy steps and HDIS will check your eligibility. Check the listing of states below to see if services are offered in your state. Fill out the form on this page.