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How many spacers should I install on my bottom bracket? | off-road.cc install a hollowtech octalink bottom bracket

Shimano Hollowtech bottom brackets need a special ring spanner that fits into splines and allows each side to be screwed in and out.

Fitting Hollowtech II cranks. 7. The left-hand crank fits on to splines in the end of the axle and is secured by pinch bolts in the style of three-piece BMX cranks. The arm’ll only fit on the axle one way – there’s a wide bit on the splines. Grease up the splines and push the crank on.

Jun 27, 2013 · The bottom bracket should have 3 spacers for the hollow tech cranks. Typically one spacer goes on the non-drive side (between the bearing and crank arms) and two go on the drive side. Crank should not be touching the bearing, I suspect your chainline might be off.