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Loneliness: Often the Norm for Gifted/2e Children and Adults - With Understanding Comes Calm gifted adults as parents

Gifted adults relate best to others who share their interests. Gifted adults may have a small circle of friends or sometimes only one, but the relationships are meaningful. Gifted adults are independent thinkers who do not just automatically accept the decisions of their supervisors. They function well in a participatory community and with.

the solutions that work to help gifted adults realize their potential, gain happiness and live fulfilling lives. Interacting & Working with 'multi-gifted' adults requires specialized knowledge, training and skills. Helping gifted, talented, and creative adults understand themselves, their .

Can you hear the flowers sing? Issues for gifted adults by Deirdre V. Lovecky Unless gifted adults learn to value themselves and find support, identity conflicts and depression may result. Emphasis on self-growth through knowing and accepting self leads to the discovery of sources of personal power.